Top SP Fantasy Prospects – April 2020

19MacKenzie GoreSDWill be in the bigs sooner than later as AJ Preller fights to keep his job.
210Jesus LuzardoOAKThree plus pitches, solid command, and has already tasted the majors.
311Forrest WhitleyHOUThe buy-low window has slammed shut thanks to a solid AFL performance.
421Casey MizeDETStarted hot and faded down the stretch. Four potential plus pitches but a history of injuries.
522Matt ManningDETBig fastball. Lack of a third pitch and questionable command keep him out of my top tier of pitchers.
623A.J. PukOAKXL human. Would be starting his third MLB season if not for Tommy John at the beginning of 2018.
724Spencer HowardPHIDominant last year. Big fastball. Average secondaries. Has never topped 116 IP.
827Sixto SanchezMIAShort. Whippy delivery. Don’t care. Big fastball. No walks. Three plus pitches.
928Dustin MayLADWhippy delivery and lack of strikeouts keep him out of the top tiers of pitchers.
1029Nate PearsonTORHas never pitched more than 101.2 innings. Several 70-80 grades on his fastball. Electric arsenal. Questionable command and health.
1130Michael KopechCHWCommand issues and missing the entire season slide him down the list.
1231Luis PatinoSDShort. Explosive fastball. Fantastic slider. Changeup is nowhere close to ready.
1347Brendan McKayTBDon’t count on many batting stats despite a few glowing scouting reports. Solid enough as SP-only though.
1453Simeon Woods-RichardsonTORMets really managed his innings in the beginning of the season but he made it to A+ as an 18 year old anyway. Three above average pitches and solid command.
1554Grayson RodriguezBALThree solid pitches (FB, CU, SL). Average command at best.
1655Jordan BalazovicMINNice fastball and breaking ball. Still working on the change. Dominated as a 20 year old at high-A last year.
1756Josiah GrayLADGood fastball, decent slider, and developing changeup. Solid control. Didn’t focus on pitching until college.
1857Matthew LiberatoreTBLooked great in his age 19 season at A ball last year. Nice fastball and curve. Change and slider aren’t far behind.
1958Daniel LynchKCSolid fastball and slider. Still working on a third pitch. Has displayed solid control for a pitcher his size.
2059Logan GilbertSEANice fastball. Decent curve. Still developing a change. Control has been great for a guy of his stature.
2160Tarik SkubalDETCan’t really say he came out of nowhere because he mowed down competition in a small sample size after being drafted in 2018. However, he still came out of nowhere last year.
2261Kyle WrightATLThree above average pitches. #5 overall pick in 2017. Has really struggled in his brief time in the MLB.
2362Ian AndersonATLBig fastball. Curve and change are both really good already. Control is a work in progress.
2463Daniel EspinoCLEYoung. Big. Huge fastball. Nice slider/curve combo as well. Control could be a problem.
2564George KirbySEABig fastball with amazing accuracy. None of his secondaries are great.
2680Mitch KellerPITPitched much better at the MLB level than at AAA, despite the inflated ERA. Big fastball. Nice breaking ball. Mixed reports on the change.
2781Brent HoneywellTBHoneywell has an excellent arsenal and command. Injuries have really hampered his career. Has always been impressive but hasn’t pitched since 2017.
2882Jhoan DuranMINHuge man with a huge fastball. Breaking ball is plus. Change is average. Control is average. I keep hearing about bullpen concerns. Looks like a starter to me.
2983Shane BazTBBig fastball and breaking ball. Useable change and cutter. Struggles to throw strikes at times.
3084Clarke SchmidtNYYFour solid pitches. Dominated a level he was way too old to be in last year. Hasn’t thrown 100 innings since his sophomore year of college.
3185Edward CabreraMIAGood fastball but he slings it. Don’t think his secondaries are good enough. Below-average command.
3286Nick LodoloCINDrafted #7 overall last year. Already nearly 22. Big fastball. Two good secondaries. Questionable command. Really low cross-body delivery doesn’t help.
3387Shane McClanahanTBBig fastball. Good curve. Change should be usable. Control is questionable. Low arm slot doesn’t help.
3488Alek ManoahTORPower fastball/slider big-body guy. Decent control. Needs a third pitch but I prefer him to most pitchers in the class.
3589Hunter GreeneCINElectric fastball. Two above-average secondaries. Good command. Low arm slot.
3690Deivi GarciaNYYThree above average+ pitches with a chance at a fourth. Curve is the best of the bunch. Some have him further down lists due to height.
3791Braxton GarrettMIAGreat curve. Average fastball. Change is already usable. #7 overall pick in 2016 was forgotten by some due to TJ.
38125Brailyn MarquezCHCBig fastball. Lacks secondaries. Struggles with command. Low arm slot.
39126Zack ThompsonSTLFirst round pick in 2019. Above average fastball, curve, and change. Decent command.
40131Jonathan StieverCHWFastball reaches high-90s. Slider and changeup are above-average. Command is solid. Should stick as a starter. Good athlete. All-state WR/DB in high school.
41132Ryan WeathersSDFormer high school player of the year. Three above-average pitches with good command. Disappointed by not improving on his first season.
42133Ethan HankinsCLENice fastball but he slings it. Struggles with control. Needs to develop secondaries. Still very young.
43134Jackson KowarKCFantastic changeup. Fastball was up to 98 in spring training. Developing breaking ball. Old for the levels he’s seen.
44135Adam KloffensteinTORMultiple nice fastballs. Above average slider. Curve and changeup aren’t great yet.
45136JJ GossTBRays were lucky to land him at pick #36. 18 years old with three above-average pitches and decent command.
46137Miguel YajureNYYFour decent pitches. Good control. Completely under the radar but has done nothing but succeed. His “average, low-90s” fastball now sits mid-90s and tops out at 97. Changeup is his best pitch. The curve is inconsistent but has the makings of an above-average pitch if he can keep it down in the zone. Developing cutter. Absolute bargain
47138Chris RodriguezLAAFour potential above-average pitches with a long track record of injuries. Has totaled less than 80 IP since being drafted in 2016. Decent control. Has the stuff to be a MLB starter if his health will allow it.
48139Yerry RodriguezTEXThree above-average pitches. Fastball reaches high 90s with good spin. Has issues staying healthy. Struggled with a UCL injury last season. Has never reached 75 IP but has shown the ability to pitch deep into games (6+ innings).
49142Jackson RutledgeWAS2019 first rounder. Absolutely enormous. Huge fastball and slider. Decent curve and change. Like most tall pitchers his command is highly questionable.
50143Blake WalstonARI2019 first rounder. Another huge kid that needs to work on throwing strikes. Projectable fastball. Curve is his best pitch. Change is solid but behind the other two. Low arm slot.
51144Matthew AllanNYMAbove average fastball and curve. Needs to develop the change. Third round 2019 pick due to signability concerns but was ranked much higher.
52145Tahnaj ThomasPITGood fastball and breaking pitch. Decent command. Lacks a third offering. Converted infielder. New to pitching.
53146Gregory SantosSFHigh 90s fastball. Wipeout slider. Both could be plus. Lacks a third pitch. Has demonstrated better control than expected. Strikeout totals have been underwhelming considering his solid two pitch combo.
54147Michael BaumannBALBig frame. Fastball hits the upper-90s. Above-average slider. Usable change. Control has been an issue at times but he looked great last season. Would have probably made starts in Baltimore this year if we had a full season.
55148Bryse WilsonATLPlus mid-90s fastball. Average change. Developing slider but doesn’t look like it’s going to work at the MLB level without improvement. Average control. Could be a MLB starter with a breaking ball.
56149Triston McKenzieCLEGreat fastball and curve. Lacks a third pitch. Great command. Wire thin despite being in pro ball since 2015.
57177Jose UrquidyHOUA popup guy last year. I think he’s already had his best MLB season. Control/command guy with underwhelming stuff. Good changeup. Average fastball. Below-average curve.
58198Trevor RogersMIAGood fastballs. Solid changeup. Needs to develop his breaking pitches. Has limited walks well considering he’s a big guy with a low, whippy delivery.
59199Luis FriasARIHuge fastball. Struggles to throw strikes. Decent breaking ball. Lacks a usable change.
60200Tyler IveyHOUMid-90s fastball. Solid curve. Change is usable and the control is decent. Arm slot varies depending on which pitch he’s throwing which isn’t ideal but very fixable. Looks like a back-end starter.
61228Austin CoxKCThe Royals keep churning out these big-bodied backend starter types. This one features an above-average fastball and curve as well as two other usable pitches.
62229Jean Carlos MejiaCLEAbove-average command of three average pitches. Starter’s frame as well. There are durability concerns but the same can be said for almost any minor league pitcher.
63230Brady SingerKCThree decent pitches. Good control. Nothing in his arsenal will blow you away though. Low arm slot.
64231Hans CrouseTEXGood fastball. Above-average to plus curve. Changeup in progress but already isn’t bad. Decent control.
65232Matt TaborARISolid fastball, curve, and changeup. Good control. Not overpowering.
66233Levi KellyARIAverage fastball. Plus slider. Developing change. Surprised prospectors with solid control last year. Could stick at starter. Arizona may have gotten an 8th round steal in 2018.
67234Cole WinnTEXNice fastball and curve. Lacks a third pitch. Walked way too many batters at A ball last year but should figure it out.
68235Dane DunningCHWAverage fastball. Above-average slider. Average change. Solid command. 25 and has never pitched above AA. Will miss part of 2020 due to preseason TJ last year.
69252Quinn PriesterPIT2019 first round pick. Two solid current pitches that should get to above-average+. Developing changeup. Solid BB/9 rate masks spotty control. Way too many HBP and wild pitches.
70253Joe RyanTBTwo pitch guy (fastball and curve). Change is pretty awful. Decent control. Good results so far.
71254Adrian MorejonSDThree above-average pitches. Good control. Injury history and size may push him to the bullpen.
72255Brennan MalonePITThree average+ pitches. Fastball could be plus. Struggles with command. #33 overall pick in 2019.
73256Seth CorrySFBreakout season last year at full season A ball. Three average+ pitches but struggles with control.
74257Aaron AshbyMILGood fastball and change. Great curve. Struggles with command but may be able to reign it in enough to be a starter.
75258Ethan SmallMIL2019 first round pick. Fastball and change are ready to go. Lacks a third pitch. Control is solid.
76259Luis GilNYYHuge fastball. Nice slider. No third pitch yet. Command is very suspect.
77260Breidy EncarnacionMIAThree average pitches that should improve as he grows into his large frame. Decent command.
78261Kai-Wei TengSFBig kid with four decent pitches. None are overwhelming but if he can mix them he should be able to stick as a starter.
79262Ricky VanascoTEXHigh 90s fastball and a hammer curve. Struggles with control. No third pitch. Drafted in 2017 but has yet to reach 50 IP in any season. Prime bullpen candidate. Probably low on him because his name reminds me of Ricky Nolasco.
80263Josh WolfNYM#53 overall pick in 2019. Solid fastball and curve. Change is still being developed. Command is average.
81264Hyun Il ChoiLADLed the AZL in strikeouts last season and maintained a BB/9 of 1.52. Solid fastball and change. Throws two breaking pitches but neither is a legitimate third offering yet.
82265Andry LaraWASPlus fastball. Supposedly has a power curve. Good control. Still a kid. Long way away. Has never pitched a pro inning. Could completely blow up but I love his upside.
83266Bryan AbreuHOUTwo plus breaking pitches and an above-average fastball. Struggles with command.
84267Brandon WilliamsonSEASecond round 2019 pick. 99th percentile in horizontal break and 87th in spin on his slider. 84th in curve spin. Three above-average+ pitches. XL pitcher with questionable command.
85292Bryan MataBOSHis scouting reports are all over the place and for good reason. Looked good in 2017 but his mechanics were an absolute mess in 2018. Cleaned them up and got back on track last year at A+ before falling apart in the second half of the season.. The bad: I hate his arm slot and he tinkers too much. The good: has thrown at least six pitches at different points in his career. He sports a four seam fastball, a two seam that some call a sinker, a changeup, a cutter, a slider (which is a slower version of his cutter with more break), and a curve. The fastballs are in the high-90s and and if even one or two secondaries get to average he’ll have the arsenal to be a major league starter. Needs to work on the command but he’s only 20 and has already made it to AA. Had a terrible AFL campaign. In addition to way too many walks he also racks up the HBPs,and wild pitches.
86293Robert DominguezNYMWas considered the top pitching prospect in the 2019 J2 class. Can hit 99 with the fastball.
87294David PetersonNYMThree average pitches and decent control. Does a good job with control for a guy his size.
88295Seth JohnsonTB#40 overall pick in 2019 was a SS until his last year of college. Has an above-average fastball and a potential plus slider. Decent control. Still finding a third pitch.
89296Jay GroomeBOSStuff is solid. Curve is outstanding. Fastball is good. Changeup may be one day. Command is a little spotty but his biggest problem is health. Has pitched a total of 66 innings since being drafted #12 overall in 2016.
90297Francisco MoralesPHISolid fastball and slider. Lacks a third pitch and command. Will be a reliever without one despite having a starter’s build.
91298Adonis MedinaPHIBig fastball. No decent secondaries yet. Two may be usable one day. Average command.
92299Antoine KellyMILMassive second round 2019 pick can hit the high-90s with his plus fastball. Good control. Needs to refine his secondaries but could be a MLB starter.
93300Kendall WilliamsTORAbove-average fastball and curve. Developing a third pitch. Command isn’t bad considering his size.
94301Jonathan BowlanKCHuge dude. Nice fastball. Decent slider. Needs to work on his changeup. Has done a great job at limiting free passes.
95307Matthew ThompsonCWSSecond round 2019 pick. Above-average curve. Average fastball. Needs to develop a third pitch. Average command.
96308Kris BubicKCGood changeup. Average everything else. Usable fastball but no third pitch yet.
97309Brusdar GraterolMINThree solid pitches. Low arm slot. Small stature and questionable command will probably cause him to move out of the rotation.
98310Kyle MullerATLLarge pitcher. Decent three pitch combo. Struggles with command.
99311Cody BoltonPITGood fastball and slider. Lacks a decent third pitch. Struggled in his brief stint at AA.
100312Daulton JefferiesOAKHas battled injuries since being drafted in 2016. Has always done well in limited innings. Did well over 64 IP at AA last year. Was used in a relief role much of the season.
101313Joe PalumboTEXOld. Solid fastball and curve. Change is average. Small. Struggles with control at times. Has already had TJ.
102314Eddy YeanWAS2017 J2 signing has held his own in levels he was young for. I can’t find any video of him but others think he has three potential above-average pitches.
103354Osiel RodriguezNYYFastball and curve are already above-average. Needs a reliable third pitch but has two that could be above-average one day. Struggles with command. High risk/high reward.
104355Alex FaedoDETAverage fastball and slider. Changeup is a work in progress. Solid command.
105356Dean KremerBALBoring arsenal. Decent command with four usable pitches. Fastball fringe-average. Should stick as a starter but not an exciting one.
106357Cristian JavierHOUGood curve. Decent fastball and change. Has piled up strikeouts at every level but struggles with control.
107358Corbin MartinARIAbove-average fastball and slider. Two other average secondaries. Struggled to throw strikes last year but I think he’s got average command.
108359Tucker DavidsonATLPlus fastball. Usable change and breaking ball. Has struggled with control the last couple years against better competition.
109360Thad WardBOSFastball isn’t impressive but it should work. Features a solid cutter and slider. Needs to work on limiting walks.
110361Yoendrys GomezNYYAnother IFA bargain for the Yankees. Currently has two above-average pitches and a change that could be usable with development. Control is average.
111362Jimmy LewisLADSecond round 2019 pick tore his labrum after being drafted and has yet to pitch a professional inning. Huge frame. Mid-90s fastball. Solid curve. Needs to work on his changeup or develop a different third pitch.
112363Jairo SolisHOUUnderwent TJ in 2018 and hasn’t pitched since. Struggled with command. Fastball velocity has risen to the high-90s and he has two decent breaking balls. Much larger than 160.
113364Mason DenaburgWASFirst round pick in 2018. Didn’t pitch due to injury. Got hurt again 20.1 innings into 2019 and didn’t pitch again. When healthy he has three above-average pitches and questionable command.
114365Alexander VizcainoNYYTriple digit fastball/change combo with no third pitch. Questionable command. Classic reliever profile if he doesn’t develop a third pitch.
115366Justus SheffieldSEAThree above average pitches but probably lacks the control to be a starter in the MLB. Should be a good reliever if it doesn’t work out.
116367Cody MorrisCLEFastball hits 97. Average slider and change. Decent control. Older prospect that has already had TJ. Posted a K/9 over 11 at two levels of A ball last year. Will be interesting to see how it translates to the upper levels.
117368DL HallBALGreat stuff. Awful control. Some people think he’ll figure it out. I’m not one of them. Three above-average+ pitches if he ever does.
118369Justin DunnSEASolid fastball and slider. Decent control. Still working on a third pitch.
119370Lewis ThorpeMINOlder due to TJ. Four decent pitches. The best is a plus curve.
120371Logan AllenCLEHas always been young for his level but has struggled in the high minors and majors over the last couple years. Throws four decent pitches but none of them are great. Needs to cut down on walks. May never be great a strikeout pitcher.
121372Graeme StinsonTBDraft stock plummeted with his velocity last year. Entered the season as the draft’s top college pitcher. Has a slider that has gotten plus-plus grades from many outlets. Fastball is plus except for during that rough stretch in college. No third pitch but has a developing change. Control is decent.
122373Beau BurrowsDETBoring arsenal but has four pitches at his disposal. Needs to work on his control but should be able to start with his stuff.
123374James KaprielianOAKOld. Yankees first round pick in 2015. Has battled injuries his entire career. Solid fastball and three good secondaries if he can ever stay healthy.
124375Mitchell WhiteLADThree above-average pitches. Control is an issue. Has done a good job limiting walks the last two seasons. No dominant pitch.
125387Ryan RolisonCOLThree pitches that are already average with average control. Pitching for Colorado kills his value.
126388Tommy HenryARI#74 overall pick has three average or better pitches with decent control. No pitch is great.
127389Chris MurphyBOSSupposedly tweaked his mechanics and gained command last year. Already had three average pitches. Didn’t have an outing over 4 IP last year.
128390Cory AbbottCHCNot overpowering but has three solid secondaries and good command. Should be a big league starter one day but not a great one.
129398Franklin PerezDETInjuries have derailed his career. Still has three above-average pitches.
130409Chris ClarkeCHCIncredibly tall and lanky. Fantastic curve. Fastball tops out in the mid-90s but he may gain a tick as he fills out a little bit. College reliever. Cubs are going to try him in the rotation but kept him around three innings per start last year. Posted great numbers and limited the walks in those limited innings. Had TJ in high school.
131410Michel BaezSDTransitioned to the bullpen last year. Plus fastball. Good change and breaking pitch. Struggles with control and repeating delivery (common with giant frames like his). Still being treated as a starter by the Padres.
132411Blair HenleyHOUGreat spin rates on his pitches. Late round 2019 pick. Needs to work on fastball velocity. Looked great in a tiny sample size at A- but that’s expected out of a three year starter from the Big 12. K/9 was really low in college.
133412Michael GroveLADHad TJ his final college season and still got picked in the second round of the 2018 draft. No usable secondaries yet but has a developing curve and change. Decent command. Limited to four IP per start last year.
134413Hector YanLAAMid-90s fastball with an above-average curve. Change is a work in progress. Struggles with command but posted 12.22 K/9 last year.
135414Yohanse MorelKCMid-90s fastball. Good change. Developing slider. Looks thicker than his listed weight. Stat lines don’t match arsenal.
136415Richard GallardoCHCHuge fastball. Two secondaries that may be average one day. Struggled in his first try at rookie ball as a minor.
137416Blake RiveraSFMid-90s fastball. Solid curve. Struggles to throw strikes and needs to develop his change. Will probably end up in the bullpen. Has the frame of a starter though.
138417Rony GarciaDETTop selection in this past rule five draft. Has a starter’s build but will probably pitch out of the bullpen if he doesn’t get returned to the Yankees. Underwhelming arsenal at the moment but does have three average pitches and decent command.
139418Robert DuggerMIAGood fastball. Decent slider. Lacks a third pitch. Decent control but nothing more than an innings eating unexciting back-end starter. Projected to be the Marlins #5 in 2020.
140419Patrick SandovalLAANice breaking balls. Average fastball. Weird arm slot. Struggles with command. May stick as a starter though.
141420Tony GonsolinLADOld. Command is suspect. Nice fastball. Decent splitter. Could still start at some point despite underwhelming arsenal.
142421Keegan AkinBALOlder prospect with three average pitches and below-average command. Should get an opportunity to start.
143424Luis GutierrezSDAbove average fastball. May develop an above-average curve. Changeup lags behind and his frame is small at the moment.
144425Noah SongBOSGood fastball. Solid slider and curve. Command isn’t there yet. Not sure if it ever will be. Currently committed to serve two years at Navy flight school or he would be ranked higher.
145426Roansy ContrerasNYYSolid fastball and curve. Lacks a third pitch, size, and control.
146427JT BrubakerPITCould be a MLB starter. Above-average fastballs and slider. Command is solid. Has not gotten the K% you would expect with his arsenal. Stuff would play up in the bullpen but currently he’s a back-end guy.
147428Tony SantillanCINPlus fastball. Above-average slider. No third pitch. Questionable command. Probably ends up the bullpen.
148429Thomas SzapuckiNYMPlus fastball and curve. No third pitch. Questionable command. Injury concerns. Probably ends up in the bullpen.
149459Shawn DubinHOUFastball reaches 97. Wipeout slider. Working on the curve and change. JUCO prospect that has been old for the levels he’s seen. Incredibly skinny. Needs to add to his frame to remain in the rotation.
150460Adbert AlzolayCHCPlus fastball and curve. No third pitch. Questionable command. Probably ends up in the bullpen.
151461Ryan JensenCHC2019 first round pick. Looks like a reliever. Huge fastball. Lacks secondaries and command.
152462Helcris OlivarezCOLGood fastball and curve. Conflicting reports on the change. Control needs improvement. Terrible organization for pitching prospects.
153463Luis MedinaNYYAmazing fastball. Decent curve. Changeup is in-progress. Has no idea where they’re going, though. Looks like a future reliever.
154492Joey CantilloSDGood changeup. Average fastball. No third pitch. Will struggle at the upper levels.
155493J.B. BukauskasARIStuff is good. Command is suspect. Three plus pitches but allows way too many walks.
156494Seth RomeroWAS2017 first rounder. Weird delivery. Was supposed to have three potential plus pitches but nothing looks better than average. Velocity down. Always hurt.
157495Omar CruzSDAverage fastball and curve. Seems to have average command. Needs a third pitch. Good career stats in limited innings so far. Stretched out to ~5 IP per start last year.
158496Jon DuplantierARIHas unexpectedly struggled with control the last couple years. Solid fastball and breaking ball.
159497Anthony KayTORMediocre stuff across the board. Below-average control. Bullpen candidate but may stick around in the rotation.
160498Jose De LeonCINOnce considered a top 30 prospect by MLB, De Leon’s stock has faded. After three injury-plagued years with the Rays, they shipped him to Cincinnati for basically nothing a month ago. Still capable of a double-digit strikeout rate. The control is no longer there though. Will likely head to the bullpen.
161499Brock BurkeTEXGood fastball. Lacks solid secondaries and command. Is currently a starter but I think he ends up in the bullpen.
162500Tanner HouckBOS2017 first round pick. Plus fastball. Plus slider. Lacks a third pitch. Struggles with control. Really low arm slot. Transitioned to bullpen last season.
163501Stephen GonsalvesNYMHas been in the minor leagues forever. Terrible control. Underwhelming stuff.
164502Sean HjelleSFEnormous. Looks like he’s throwing a ping pong ball. Above-average fastball. No decent secondaries yet but two are developing. Good control for someone his size.
165503Taylor WidenerARIGood change and control. Average fastball. No third pitch. Got destroyed at AAA last year.
166504Luis PalaciosMIAPinpoint control with an underwhelming arsenal. Has posted solid stat lines in foreign rookie ball but it’s probably due to his decent changeup and solid command. Shouldn’t translate to higher levels.
167505Devin SmeltzerMINWeird delivery from a really low arm slot. Two above-average secondaries but an unexciting fastball.
168506Tim CateWASSecond round pick in 2018 is small and lacks an average fastball. Plus 12-6 curve won’t be enough by itself.
169527Joey WentzDETCurve and change are above-average but the fastball needs some work to get to average. Pitched well after being traded to Detroit last year. Had TJ this spring.
170528Eric PardinhoTORThree potential above-average pitches with decent control. None of the secondaries are there yet, and neither is the control. He’s really short. Recently underwent TJ.