Top Shortstop Prospects – April 2020

11Wander FrancoTB18AAS5′ 10”189Consensus top prospect in baseball. Don’t overthink the selection at 1.1YouTube YouTube
212Marco LucianoSF18AR6′ 2”178Racked up 25 XBH in 179 AB as a minor in rookie ball and A-. Showed excellent plate recognition skills. Power will grow as he matures physically.YouTube YouTube
313CJ AbramsSD19A/A+L6′ 2”185The speedster has shown more pop than initial grades. He’s an absolute burner and larger than expected.YouTube YouTube
416Royce LewisMIN20AAR6′ 2”200A strong AFL has made some forget about his down season after entering 2019 as a top ten prospect.YouTube YouTube
518Carter KieboomWAS22MLBR6′ 2”190Prospectors soured on him after a small, strikeout laden sample of MLB. He’ll be fineYouTube YouTube
620Bobby Witt Jr.KC19RKR6′ 1”190Five tool guy that still has a long way to go before he reaches his offensive ceiling.YouTube YouTube
725Jeter DownsLAD21AAR5′ 11”180Kicked in the door at AA last year. Probably going to add weight and stop running but his power and hit tools are still solid.YouTube YouTube
837Noelvi MarteSEA18RKR6′ 1”181Prospect world is all over the place on this one. I’ve seen everything from 80 grade speed to an Adrian Beltre comp. I think he gets bigger and loses his wheels. Still a solid piece without them.YouTube YouTube
944Geraldo PerdomoARI20A+R6′ 3”184Displayed a better than expected hit tool last year as he walked more than he struck out. Below average power despite large frame. Above average speed.YouTube YouTube
1073Luis GarciaWAS19AAL6′ 2”190Numbers were brutal last year. Washington shouldn’t have sent him to AA as an 18 year old. He still only struck out at 15.6% clip. I think he has a chance at above-average tools across the board.YouTube YouTube
1177Jazz ChisholmMIA21MLBL5′ 11”165Tooled up strikeout machine.YouTube YouTube
1279Ronny MauricioNYM18AS6′ 3”166Body suggests he should be at least average at power and speed. Hasn’t shown up yet. Held his own at 18 in A ball.YouTube YouTube
1396Jose GarciaCIN21A+R6′ 2”175Decent contact. Plus speed. Was much more successful on the basepaths last year but still needs to improve. Probably taller than 6′ 2”YouTube YouTube
1498Robert PuasonOAK17RKS6′ 3”165Big kid. Got paid a lot of money in last year’s J2 period. Chance to develop solid tools across the board but still very young and raw.YouTube YouTube
1599Tyler FreemanCLE20AAR6′ 0”170Good contact hitter but doesn’t walk. Other tools are underwhelming.YouTube YouTube
16110Maximo AcostaTEX17RKR6′ 1”170He’s already four inches taller than he was when signed last July. Already getting Gleyber Torres comps. Above-average hit tool. Could get to decent power with his larger frame.YouTube
17114Luisangel AcunaTEX17RKR5′ 10”155Don’t even compare him to his brother. Not anywhere close to his listed height of 5′ 10”. Did show promise in the DSL.Twitter
18116Keoni CavacoMIN18RKR6′ 2”1952019 first rounder. Prospectors think he’ll have an average hit tool. Really struggled to make contact in his first season in the GCL. Above-average speed and power.YouTube YouTube
19117Jorge MateoOAK24MLBR6′ 0”192Amazingly fast. Another guy that can’t make contact. Prospectors have gotten tired of ranking him at this point.YouTube YouTube
20124Nico HoernerCHC22MLBR5′ 11”200Underwhelming speed and power. Horrible launch angle and exit velos. Doesn’t walk. Utility player.YouTube YouTube
21128Liover PegueroPIT18A-R6′ 1”160Has displayed an average hit and above-average speed tool. Also showed some surprise pop before being promoted.YouTube YouTube
22141Brice TurangMIL20A+L6′ 0”173Average hit. Above average speed. Below-average power. Played well at 19 in A+.YouTube YouTube
23150Reginald PreciadoSD16RKS6′ 4”18016 year old giant with a smooth swing. Could stick at shortstop despite his size.YouTube YouTube
24151Arol VeraLAA17RKS6′ 2”170Still a child. Should develop above-average power with an average hit tool. Average speed. Has never taken a pro swing. #9 on MLB international list.YouTube YouTube
25155Oswald PerazaNYY19AR6′ 0”176Really improved the strikeout rate last year. Big exit velo from such a skinny teenager to go with his plus speed.YouTube YouTube
26157Jose SalasMIA16RKS6′ 2”165Top ten 2019 J2 prospect received a $2.8 million signing bonus. Average power and contact. Currently has plus speed but will probably slow down a bit as his body matures. Zero professional AB.YouTube
27158Dauri LorenzoHOU17RKS6′ 1”160Received a $1.8 million signing bonus from the Astros in 2019. Has a really good hit tool, above-average speed, and some power per crawfishboxes. Still a child and hasn’t played a professional inning.YouTube
28161Alexander VargasNYY18RKS5′ 11”148Limited strikeouts and took some walks across two levels of rookie ball last year. May get to an above-average hit tool. Hit for power despite only having one home run. Above-average speed.YouTube YouTube
29162Yasel AntunaWAS20AS6′ 0”170Missed nearly all of 2019 while recovering from Tommy John. Average contact, power, and speed.YouTube YouTube
30170Gabriel AriasSD19A+R6′ 1”201Good power. Average speed. Below average hit tool. Tweaked his swing mid-season last year. Free swinger that needs to improve his walk rate.YouTube YouTube
31179Andres GimenezNYM21AAAL6′ 0”161Above average contact and speed but doesn’t walk. Should develop average power.YouTube YouTube
32182Bryson StottPHI22RKL6′ 3”2002019 first rounder with average tools across the board. Probably a second baseman but I haven’t seen any complaints about his defense so far.YouTube YouTube
33183Will WilsonSF21RKR6′ 0”184Potential average hit and power. 2019 Angels first rounder the Giants acquired in a salary dump. #15 pick in 2019 draft.Twitter Twitter
34184Josh SmithNYY22A+L5′ 10”172Yankees got a steal at the end of the second round this year. Average hit, power, and speed. No great tool, though.YouTube
35186Greg JonesTB21AS6′ 2”175Went #22 overall to the Rays in this past draft. Skinny. Fast. No power yet but some think it’s coming. Contact issues. Total project.YouTube YouTube
36187Anthony VolpeNYY18RKR5′ 11”180Given the dreaded “glove-first shortstop with intangibles” label after being drafted in the first round. Showed his above-average contact and speed in rookie ball.YouTube YouTube
37191Gabriel RodriguezCLE17RKR6′ 2”174Nice power for his age. Struggles with contact but was really young for the AZL. Should steal a few bases.YouTube YouTube
38193Gunnar HendersonBAL18RKL6′ 3”195Top pick of the second round is a great athlete. Alabama basketball and baseball player of the year. A chance for average offensive tools across the board. First taste of the minors wasn’t great but was limited to 108 AB.YouTube YouTube
39196Ryan ViladeCOL21AAR6′ 2”194Average contact. Average power. Average speed but is supposed to fill out a bit.YouTube YouTube
40205Angel MartinezCLE18RKS6′ 0”165A chance for solid hit and speed tools. Still a long way from the majors.YouTube YouTube
41214Alex De JesusLAD17RKR6′ 2”170Probably wasn’t ready for the AZL last year but that’s a tall order at 17. Could have average hit and power.YouTube YouTube
42220Jonathan OrnelasTEX19A+R6′ 1”178Could get to average offensive tools across the board. Managed 33 XBH in 113 games last year. Looks smaller than listed height.YouTube YouTube
43224Kevin MadeCHC17RKR6′ 1”160#15 on MLB’s 2019 top IFA list. Could get to average tools across the board.YouTube
44225Adael AmadorCOL17RKS6′ 0”160Chance to get to above-average contact and below-average power per MLB pipeline. #16 on the IFA list.YouTube YouTube
45227Jeremiah JacksonLAA19RKieR6′ 0”165Some think he can get to above-average hit, speed, and power. The power and speed are there but he strikes out way too much.YouTube YouTube
46250Braden ShewmakeATL22AAL6′ 4”1902019 first rounder. Good contact. Decent speed. I’ve seen terrible grades on his power but he can get to below-average.Twitter Twitter
47251Eduardo GarciaMIL17RKR6′ 2”160Big kid but should stay at SS. Played well in his brief exposure to the DSL last year. Could get to average tools across the board offensively.YouTube YouTube
48276Brainer BonaciBOS17RKS5′ 10”140Good hit tool. Small frame but he is larger than the 140 lbs. He’s listed at. Above-average speed.
49283Jose DeversMIA19A+L6′ 0”155Rafael’s cousin has an above-average hit tool and plus speed. Zero power though. Looks shorter than listed height.YouTube YouTube
50286Otto LopezTOR21A+R5′ 10”160Supposed to develop above-average hit tool. Above-average speed but is bad at stealing bases.YouTube YouTube
51287Taylor WallsTB23AAS5′ 10”180Small frame. Above-average hit tool allows his below-average power to play up a bit. Average speed but reaches base enough to steal a few bags. Fantastic glove may and positional versatility should earn him playing time.YouTube YouTube
52304Jose PastranoCLE17RKS5′ 11”145#30 on MLB’s 2019 IFA list. Average contact and above-average speed.YouTube
53306Alejandro PieTB18RKR6′ 4”175Raw prospect. Incredibly lanky. Above-average speed. Could get to at least average power with his frame but hasn’t displayed any yet. Hit tool has a ways to go.YouTube
54328Lucius FoxTB22AAAS6′ 1”180Not the dude that makes cool toys for Batman. Double-plus speed. No power. Below-average hit tool.YouTube YouTube
55330Estiven MachadoTOR17RKS5′ 10”170Could get to average offensive tools across the board per reports. Another IFA with limited video and scouting reports who hasn’t played a single inning of pro ball.
56337Johan LopezTB19RKR5′ 10”167Has displayed an above average hit tool. Average speed. Below-average power.
57338Nasim NunezMIA19AS5′ 9”160#46 OVR selection in 2019. Small frame. Glove-first. Plus speed. Supposed to get to an average hit tool but will probably struggle to generate power.YouTube YouTube
58341Kyren ParisLAA18RKR6′ 0”165Made it to the AZL last year. Won’t be 18 until next June. Plus speed. May not get above below-average hit and power. Some outlets think he will get to above-average offensive tools. I think he’s below-average in everything but speed.YouTube YouTube
59345Adinso ReyesDET18RKR6′ 1”195Supposed to have a solid hit and power tool one day. Below-average speed and needs to take more walks.YouTube
60347Jeremy PenaHOU22A+R6′ 0”1792018 third round pick has an average hit tool and speed. Below-average power but did a good job with XBH last year.YouTube
61353Aeverson ArteagaSF17RKR6′ 1”170Plus defensive tools but that doesn’t help your fantasy team. Could get to average hit with above-average speed. Good bat speed.
62380Cole TuckerPIT23MLBS6′ 3”205Decent contact. Average speed. Should be good for 10-15 bags but that’s about it.YouTube YouTube
63381Willi CastroDET22MLBS6′ 1”205Decent contact but doesn’t walk very much. Below average power. Decent speed. Should be good for 10-15 bags. Young and already in the MLB. Could get to slightly more power.YouTube YouTube
64439Omar FlorentinoKC18RKS5′ 9”145Small, thin frame. Average hit tool. No power. Above-average speed.YouTube
65444Adam HallBAL20A+R6′ 0”170Plus speed. Below-average contact and minimal power. Career numbers inflated by massive BABIP but it will always be high thanks to his speed.YouTube YouTube
66446Logan DavidsonOAK22AS6′ 3”1852019 first round pick. Questionable hit tool. Was terrible in the Cape Cod league. A chance for above-average power with average speed. Solid in the field.YouTube
67452Nick GordonMIN24AAAL6′ 0”160Above average speed. Below-average contact and no power. It’s been a long fall for the 2014 #5 overall pick.YouTube YouTube
68455Yolbert SanchezCHW23AR5′ 11”176Cuban defector got a late start to his MiLB career. Received $2.5 from the Sox. Defense is his biggest asset. Hit well in the DSL last year but was way too old to be at the level.YouTube
69465Wander JavierMIN20AR6′ 1”165Some say he may reach average contact, speed, and power. The power may come but the contact was awful last year. Not active on the basepaths.YouTube YouTube
70470Osiris JohnsonMIA19AR6′ 0”181Second round 2018 pick missed all of 2019 with an injury. Showed good power in his small MiLB sample. Struggles to make contact and doesn’t draw walks. Minimal speed.YouTube YouTube
71472Jonathan ArauzBOS21MLBS6′ 0”150Rule five draft pick by the Red Sox. Switch hitter with a solid hit tool but all of his other offensive tools are below-average.YouTube YouTube
72484Anderson TejedaTEX21A+S5′ 11”160Good power and above-average speed. Terrible at making contact. Struggled at his second try at A+.YouTube YouTube
73507Shervyen NewtonNYM20AS6′ 4”180Strikes out entirely too much. Good power. No speed. Not a MLB regular.YouTube YouTube
74510Jake CronenworthSD26AAAL6′ 1”185Two way college player returned to the mound last year. Could be a useful real-life UTIL/RP but lacks the offensive tools to be a full-time player.YouTube YouTube
75532Aramis AdemanCHC21A+L5′ 11”160Average hit tool but minimal power and speed. Still young.YouTube YouTube
76557Kevin SmithTOR23AAR5′ 11”188Below-average contact skills. Average power and speed. Not a MLB regular.YouTube YouTube