Top Second Base Prospects – April 2020

15Gavin LuxLAD22MLBL6′ 2”190Solid major leaguer but I don’t think the ceiling is as high as the top tier of prospects. Good collection of tools but not a plus-plus contact/power prospect like at least one site projects.YouTube YouTube
226Vidal BrujanTB21AAAS5′ 9”155Surprising power for his frame but still below average. Plus hitter. Double plus runner.YouTube YouTube
334Brendan RodgersCOL23MLBR6′ 0”180Had a rough month in the majors last year and tumbled down lists. Still has above average contact and power.YouTube YouTube
449Aaron BrachoCLE18AS5′ 11”175This guy might have the two prettiest swings in the low minors. Excellent from both sides of the plate. Uses all fields. Small but generates plenty of power.Twitter Twitter
550Brayan RocchioCLE18AS5′ 10”150Plus hit and speed. Small but should generate average power with a really nice swing. Probably a second baseman.YouTube YouTube
670Nick MadrigalCHW22AAAR5′ 7”165Amazing contact hitter. Zero power. Not a plus-plus runner as advertised.YouTube Twitter
795Xavier EdwardsTB20A+S5′ 10”175Blazing speed. No power. Not a shortstop. Has shown the ability to take the ball deep in BP but is an in-game slap hitter.YouTube YouTube
8102Michael BuschLAD22RKL6′ 0”207Drafted at the end of the first round. Potential above average hit and power.YouTube YouTube
9164Tyler CallihanCIN19RKL6′ 1”205Third round 2019 draft pick. Was considered a first round talent but dropped due to his asking price. Is projected to reach above-average hit and power tools. Needs to work on drawing more walks. No speed.YouTube YouTube
10206Curtis MeadTB19RKR6′ 2”171Australian import with good power for a middle infielder. 18 XBH in 158 AB last year. Also displays a solid hit tool. No speed. Can play all over the diamond but not particularly well.YouTube YouTube
11207Terrin VavraCOL22AL6′ 1”185Above average contact. Below average speed. Showing more power than expected.YouTube
12208Esteury RuizSD20A+R6′ 0”169Plus speed. Average power. Below-average hit tool that some think will improve. Was young for A+ last year.YouTube YouTube
13211Freudis NovaHOU19AR6′ 1”180Power took a step back last year. Could still be an above average hitter. Was young for A ball. Not as fast as advertised.YouTube
14212Kendall SimmonsPHI19AR6′ 2”180Showed great power at A- last year. Low BABIP hurt his overall line. Could get to average contact. Minimal speed.YouTube
15237Mauricio DubonSF25MLBR6′ 0”160Slated to open the season as the starting 2B for the Giants. Has always displayed a plus hit tool but lack of power and average speed turned off prospectors. Last year he hit 24 HR at AAA/MLB, tripling his career high of 8. Could be a sneaky low-end source of HR and SB. Needs to work on drawing more walks.YouTube YouTube
16238Luis GarciaPHI19AS5′ 11”170Good speed but not great at stealing bases yet. Should develop good contact but struggled at a league he wasn’t ready for last year.YouTube YouTube
17279Andy YoungARI25AAAR6′ 0”195Utility infielder posted 59 XBH between AA and AAA last year. Average hit tool and power.YouTube YouTube
18282Omar EstevezLAD22AAR5′ 10”185Back in 2015 the Dodgers shelled out $12 million to sign this guy (with penalties). Average hit tool and power despite mediocre BABIP-inflated stat lines.YouTube YouTube
19284Miguel HiraldoTOR19AR5′ 11”170Showed more power last year. Should get to average hit and power tools.YouTube YouTube
20285Ji-Hwan BaePIT20AL6′ 1”170Could get to an above-average hit tool. Plus speed. No power yet but did post some extra base hits.YouTube
21288Owen MillerSD23AAAR6′ 0”1902018 third round pick has displayed an average hit tool and average power. Broke out for 43 XBH at AA last year. Not bad for a guy that was given 40 future power grades by every outlet.YouTube YouTube
22316Ezequiel DuranNYY20AR5′ 11”185Good power for a middle infielder. Led the NYPL in HR last year. Serious contact issues and minimal speed.YouTube YouTube
23317Maikol EscottoNYY17RKR5′ 11”180Showed good power and speed in the DSL last year. Struck out a bit too much though.YouTube YouTube
24331Osleivis BasabeTEX19A-R6′ 1”165Great speed hasn’t translated into stolen bases in the lower levels. Good contact. No current power.YouTube YouTube
25335Keithron MossTEX18RKS5′ 11”165Has struck out way too much at the rookie levels. Good speed and a little bit of pop.YouTube YouTube
26349Chase StrumpfCHC21AR6′ 1”191Second round pick by the Cubs in 2019. Should get to average hit and power.YouTube YouTube
27377Domingo LeybaARI24MLBR5′ 11”160Above-average hit tool. Not much else. Showed off some power at AAA last year but so did everyone. No speed.YouTube YouTube
28394Jose FerminCLE21AR5′ 11”160Great contact hitter. Has walked more than he’s struck out each of the past two seasons. Above-average speed but no power at all.YouTube
29396Tucupita MarcanoSD20AL6′ 0”170Doesn’t strike out. Good speed. Is awful at stealing bases. Will need to figure it out to have any fantasy value.YouTube YouTube
30437Kody ClemensDET23AAL6′ 1”170Below-average hit tool. Average power. Sons of Roger Clemens have not fared well in professional baseball but he’s much better than his siblings.YouTube YouTube
31442Pedro MartinezCHC18A-S5′ 11”165Pedro’s son struggled with contact last year but was young for A-. Average power. May get to average contact but has a long way to go.YouTube
32450Chase StrumpfCHC22AR6′ 1”191Taken in the second round of the 2019 draft. Average speed. Hit tool is supposed to get to average as well but he’s got a long way to go. Below-average power.YouTube
33453Sheldon NeuseOAK24MLBR6′ 0”218Good power. Strikes out too much. Higher on other lists because some think he’ll start this year. They can have him.YouTube YouTube
34454Luis CarpioNYM22AAR5′ 11”190Above average hit tool. Below-average power and speed. Showed double-digit pop in 2018.YouTube
35473Vimael MachinOAK26MLBL5′ 10”185Taken in this past rule five draft. Older prospect with a solid feel for the strike zone. Unfortunately he’s lacking speed and power.YouTube YouTube
36476Zach McKinstryLAD24AAAL6′ 0”180Power stroke finally came around last year as he hit 49 XBH (including 19 HR). Average contact and power. Will probably be a utility player. On the 40 man roster.YouTube YouTube
37530Blaze AlexanderARI20AR6′ 0”160Has shown better contact skills than expected. Average power. No speed.YouTube YouTube
38535Christian KossCOL22A-R6′ 1”182Late round 2019 pick. Has shown off his above average contact in the rookie league. Also showed surprising pop and speed. Way too old for rookie leagues.YouTube