Top Outfield Prospects – April 2020

12Jo AdellLAA20AAAR6′ 3”215Not worried about AAA struggles or potential speed decline.YouTube YouTube
23Luis RobertCHW22AAAR6′ 3”185Massive power and speed. Blazed through three levels last year and will be up early in the season.YouTube YouTube
34Julio RodriguezSEA18A+R6′ 4”225Not as sold on the hit tool as others seem to be. Still a huge prospect with huge power.YouTube YouTube
47Dylan CarlsonSTL21AAAS6′ 3”205Last year’s breakout prospect should be in the MLB sooner than later.YouTube YouTube
58Jarred KelenicSEA20AAL6′ 0”196Solid tools across the board but I don’t think any are higher than above-average.YouTube YouTube
614Jasson DominguezNYY16RKS5′ 10”190Going to need to see more than BP videos to move a 16 year old into the top ten. Everything looks great though.YouTube YouTube
715Kristian RobinsonARI18AR6′ 3”190Hopefully he can keep the strikeouts in check enough to showcase his sexy power/speed combo. Not as big as I was expecting from reading scouting reports.YouTube YouTube
832Corbin CarrollARI19AL5′ 10”165Billed as a contact/speed guy. Showed surprising power last year with 18 XBH in 154 PA.YouTube YouTube
935Drew WatersATL20AAAS6′ 2”183Maybe the most divisive prospect in baseball due to high BABIP and less than ideal contact rates. I’m not going to hold a bad showing in AAA against him. He was 20 and managed to collect 56 XBH throughout the season.YouTube YouTube
1036Luis MatosSF17RKR5′ 11”160Not sure why everyone is all over Marte but not Matos. Showed off his speed, contact, and power in the lower levels last year.YouTube YouTube
1138Riley GreeneDET19AL6′ 3”200Solid contact and power. Struck out a lot for a plus contact guy but was only 18.YouTube Twitter
1241Taylor TrammellSD22AAL6′ 2”215A victim of prospect fatigue, he still features a potential plus hit tool and plus-plus speed. He also puts on a show in batting practice, so hopefully there’s more power coming.YouTube YouTube
1342Josh LoweTB21AAAL6′ 4”205Standout fall league moved him up lists. Not far enough, though. Former first rounder was once Nate’s more heralded brother. Nice combination of power and speed. Needs to keep the strikeouts down.YouTube YouTube
1443Brandon MarshLAA21AAAL6′ 4”215Another guy that turned heads at the AFL. Fast even though he has the natural build of a linebacker. Potential above average tools across the board. Needs to develop consistency. Not much in-game power yet.YouTube YouTube
1546Brennen DavisCHC20AR6′ 4”175Defied the haters and struck out only 18.6% at A ball as at 19. Many think the speed wont stay around but the power showed up this year.YouTube YouTube
1651Erick PenaKC16RKL6′ 3”180Massive 16 year old. People that have seen him really like his hit and power tools.Twitter Twitter
1752George ValeraCLE19RKL5′ 10”160Swing porn. Needs to calm down with the strikeouts but the swing is so pretty that I have to assume he’ll get it under control.YouTube YouTube
1865Alek ThomasARI19A+L5′ 11”175Above average tools across the board, including somewhat surprising power. Not good at stealing bases at the moment and struggled as a youngster at A+.YouTube YouTube
1966JJ BledayMIA22A+L6′ 3”205#4 overall pick last year. Above average hit and power. No speed.Twitter Twitter
2067Hunter BishopSF21RKL6′ 5”210Solid power and speed with below-average contact. #10 overall pick in the 2019 draft.YouTube YouTube
2172Kameron MisnerMIA21A+L6′ 4”219The 35th overall pick of last year’s draft is already nearly 22. Huge power. Good athlete with solid speed. Questionable ability to make contact. Has looked good but was old for the levels he’s played at. A+ will be a nice challenge.Twitter Twitter
2274Trevor LarnachMIN22AAL6′ 4”223Hasn’t shown as much consistent power as you’d like a first baseman that’s entering his age-23 season. Strikeouts were a problem in his first taste of AA.Twitter Twitter
2376Cristian PacheATL21AAAR6′ 2”185Higher on lists that take consider defensive tools. Fast but is awful at stealing bases. Average contact. Below average power.YouTube YouTube
2478Heliot RamosSF20AAR6′ 0”188Billed as having above-average tools across the board. I think the only tool that falls into that category is power. His speed is average and the hit tool may be below-average.YouTube YouTube
25103Khalil LeeKC21AAL5′ 10”170Questionable ability to make contact. Broke out in the SB category with 53 at AA last year. Some think he’ll hit for above-average power. I don’t buy it. He’s small.YouTube YouTube
26104Misael UrbinaMIN17RKR6′ 0”175Played really well at 17 in the DSL last year. Walked more than he struck out. Showed speed as well but DSL numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt.YouTube YouTube
27106Seth BeerARI23AAL6′ 3”195Drafted as a big power guy in 2018, Beer has managed to succeed at every level and avoid the contact issues that many though he would have…so far.YouTube YouTube
28108Travis SwaggertyPIT22A+L5′ 11”1802018 #10 pick. Average hit and power. Above average speed. Cut back on the strikeouts last year.YouTube YouTube
29109Alexfri PlanezCLE18RKR6′ 2”180This guy has been flying up lists this winter despite not doing much. He’s suddenly Twitter’s favorite prospect. The swing is nice but he’s a long way from the MLB.YouTube Twitter
30111Luis RodriguezLAD17RKR6′ 0”150#4 on MLB’s top J2 list in 2019. A chance for nice power and contact but like most J2 signings this could go many ways. He’s still a kid.Instagram YouTube
31112Benyamin BaileyCHW18RKR6′ 4”215Huge kid. Showed plate discipline, power, and a little bit of speed in the DSL last year. Choo choo.Twitter
32113Jordyn AdamsLAA20A+R6′ 2”180Amazing athlete that’s still trying to figure out how to play baseball. Power and contact haven’t shown up but will one day according to some. Speed is legitimate. Changed his swing in 2019.YouTube YouTube
33118Yusniel DiazBAL23AAR6′ 1”195Good hit tool. Average everything else. Hit for more power last year with the Orioles than he ever did for the Dodgers.YouTube YouTube
34119Jesus SanchezMIA22AAAL6′ 3”230Seems like he’s been in the minor leagues for 15 years despite only being 22. Hype train isn’t what it once was but he’s managed to keep the strikeouts down for the most part.YouTube YouTube
35129Gilberto JimenezBOS19RKS5′ 11”160Absolute burner. Average hit. Zero power. Has been bad on the basepaths for someone so fast.YouTube YouTube
36152Ismael MenaSD17RKL6′ 3”1852019 J2 signing received a $2 million bonus. Reports have given him a plus-plus speed grade. His size suggests that he should get to some power and the swing is smooth.YouTube YouTube
37153Hedbert PerezMIL17RKL5′ 10”160Another mystery prospect. Has generated lots of Twitter buzz without taking a single professional at-bat. Looks great in batting practice. Looking forward to seeing how he fares against pitchers trying to get him out.Twitter Twitter
38154Alexander RamirezNYM17RKR6′ 3”175Received $2 million in IFA in 2019. Big kid with an average hit tool that is projected to stay in CF. Good speed and potential above-average power with his frame.YouTube YouTube
39159Bayron LoraTEX17RKR6′ 3”190The #3 ranked J2 player by MLB. Huge power. May get to average contact and speed. Really far away.YouTube YouTube
40160George FelizSEA17RKR6′ 0”165Potential five tool center fielder. Every outlet has a Victor Robles comp but I’m not sure who started it. Sounds enticing but he’s still a child and has zero MiLB experience.YouTube
41163Peyton BurdickMIA22A+R6′ 0”2102019 third rounder that is starting to get some buzz. Decent power. Makes better contact than expected.Twitter Twitter
42166Luis MedinaMIL16RKL6′ 2”168#18 on MLB’s IFA list. Has big power and may be able to reach an average hit tool.YouTube
43168Edward OlivaresSD23AAR6′ 2”186Good power and speed. Has done a good job limiting strikeouts for a guy with a questionable hit tool.YouTube YouTube
44169Hudson HeadSD18RKL6′ 1”1803rd round selection. Pretty speedy. Might get to average contact. Below-average power. Not exactly sure where all the offseason helium came from.YouTube Twitter
45175Austin HaysBAL24MLBR6′ 1”195Decent contact but needs to work on his pitch selection and taking walks. Mediocre power and speed.YouTube YouTube
46178Jared OlivaPIT24AAAR6′ 3”203Shot up lists thanks to a standout AFL. Older prospect. Plus speed. Below-average hit tool and power. May steal 20 bags but will do it with a sub-.300 OBP.YouTube YouTube
47181Leody TaverasTEX21AAAS6′ 1”171Skinny hit/speed prospect with little power. SB% was bad at AA last year and relied on high BABIP for average OBP. Feels like he’s been on lists for decades.YouTube YouTube
48189Michael HarrisATL18AL6′ 0”195Played in A ball at age 18 after being drafted in the third round last year. Average hit. Above-average speed. Should develop average power.YouTube
49192Kevin AlcantaraNYY17RKR6′ 6”188Hit well in the DSL last year. Got promoted to the GCL and was completely overmatched. Still only 17 though. Massive. I think the power will be there. Some people think he’ll get to above-average contact and speed. I’m not one of them.YouTube YouTube
50194Alexander CanarioSF19A-R6′ 1”165Big power. Below-average everything else. Got exposed at low-A last year.YouTube YouTube
51197Jeferson EspinalARI17RKL6′ 0”180Made it to the AZL last year. Won’t be 18 until next June. Plus speed. May not get above below-average hit and power.
52204Jonatan ClaseSEA17RKL5′ 8”150Small frame with plus-plus speed. Walked nearly as much as he struck out last year. Showed surprising pop for his size with 21 XBH in 223 AB last year in the DSL.
53210Andy PagesLAD19AR6′ 1”180Showed plus power with average speed in the Pioneer league last year. Struck out a bit much but could develop average hit tool.YouTube YouTube
54213Brayan BuelvasOAK17RKR5′ 11”155Was sent to the AZL last year right after turning 17. Small, skinny frame. Above-average speed but it hasn’t translated to SB. Average hit tool. Managed 26 XBH in 238 AB. May get to average power despite his frame.YouTube
55215Colin BarberHOU19RKL6′ 0”185Another top round talent that slipped (4th round) due to signability concerns. Plus speed. Could get to an average hit tool with average power. Great bat speed.YouTube YouTube
56216Yohendrick PinangoCHC17RKL5′ 11”170Walked more than he struck out in the DSL last year. Racked up 20 doubles and 27 SB.Twitter
57217Darryl CollinsKC18A-L6′ 2”185Played really well as a 17 year old in the AZL last year. Displayed an average hit tool and could grow into nice power.YouTube YouTube
58218Kyle IsbelKC22A+L5′ 11”183Potential average tools across the board. Started off hot last season and broke his hamate bone.YouTube YouTube
59219Cole RoedererCHC20A+L6′ 0”175Potential average tools across the board. Played well as a teenager in A ball last year. Needs to cut down on the strikeouts. A+ will be a good test.YouTube YouTube
60222Jhon DiazTB17RKL5′ 11”160Probably a better real-life prospect than fantasy. Has plus speed but the other offensive tools aren’t great. Potentially average+ tools across the board per MLB pipeline.YouTube
61223Elio PradoBAL18RKR6′ 0”160Could get to average everything. Showed decent contact skills in the DSL last year.
62226Wilderd PatinoARI18RKR6′ 1”175Good speed. Showed off a little bit of power this past year. Below-average contact.YouTube YouTube
63236Josh RojasARI25MLBL6′ 1”185Above-average hit tool. Average speed. Showed some power last season. Ready for the MLB right now.YouTube
64239Randy ArozarenaTB24MLBS5′ 11”170Above average hit and speed but gets thrown out too often trying to steal bases. Displayed decent power last year.YouTube YouTube
65240Chas McCormickHOU24AAAR6′ 0”190Has posted solid BB and K numbers throughout his career and tripled his career high in HR last year. Could reach average tools across the board.YouTube YouTube
66241Daz CameronDET22MLBR6′ 2”195Below-average hit tool. Average power. Above-average speed but not great at stealing bases. May get a shot soon due the Tigers being awful.YouTube YouTube
67242Jaylin DavisSF25MLBR6′ 1”190Below-average hit tool but managed to cut back on the strikeouts last year. Decent speed but doesn’t steal very much. Good power. May get to 20/10 one day but will post an OBP around .300.YouTube YouTube
68243Daniel JohnsonCLE24MLBL5′ 10”200Old. Fast. Decent hit tool. Displayed some power at AA last season but it faded at AAA. He’s probably depth.YouTube YouTube
69244Jahmai JonesLAA22AAAR5′ 11”205Made some top 100s but has fallen down lists the last couple years. Average contact and speed. Minimal power at the moment but he was young and at a high level.YouTube
70245Sam HilliardCOL26MLBL6′ 5”238Old. Way too many strikeouts. Above average power and speed. Numbers inflated by Rockies farm system environments.YouTube YouTube
71247Monte HarrisonMIA24MLBR6′ 3”220Another tooled up strikeout machine. Will probably never hit enough to get to his tools. It’s sad but we need to move on.YouTube YouTube
72249Jeisson RosarioSD20AAL6′ 1”191Average hit. Good speed. Couldn’t care less about his solid defense. No current power.YouTube YouTube
73277Eduardo LopezBOS17RKS6′ 0”170Above-average speed. Could get to an above-average hit tool. Walked as much as he struck out in the DSL last year.YouTube YouTube
74278Juan YepezSTL21AAR6′ 1”200Good power. Has shown better contact than expected and may get to average.YouTube
75280Michael SianiCIN20AL6′ 1”188Good speed. No power yet. Average hit tool. Racked up 45 steals at A ball last year.YouTube YouTube
76281Lolo SanchezPIT20AR5′ 11”168Average contact ability. Good speed. Could get to below-average power.YouTube YouTube
77289Brenton DoyleCOL21A-R6′ 3”2002019 fourth round pick. Above-average power. Plus speed. Contact needs some work. Numbers were boosted by an obviously unsustainable .484 BABIP last year.YouTube
78291Tristen LutzMIL21AAR6′ 2”210Above-average power. Could get to plus. Below-average speed and contact ability.YouTube YouTube
79302Will BensonCLE21A+L6′ 5”225Big power. Stole a bunch of bases in the lower minors but fast enough to steal this many bases against better batteries. Strikes out way too much but also walks.YouTube YouTube
80305Jairo PomaresSF19A-L6′ 1”185Chance for above-average contact and speed but is nowhere close yet. Struggled with strikeouts after being promoted to A-.YouTube YouTube
81315Victor Mesa Jr.MIA18RKL5′ 11”175Showed good contact skills in the GCL last year. Added a few XBH as well.YouTube YouTube
82318Jeremy De La RosaWAS17RKL5′ 11”160Should develop nice future power. Isn’t showing much of anything yet.YouTube YouTube
83321Parker MeadowsDET20A+L6′ 5”205Austin’s brother has good speed but is bad at swiping bags. Should get to solid power with his frame but isn’t anywhere close yet. Contact ability is pretty bad.YouTube YouTube
84322Kenedy CoronaHOU20A-R5′ 11”185Acquired in the offseason from the Mets. Has showed contact, speed, and power in the lower levels.
85323Steele WalkerTEX23AAL5′ 11”190As if his name wasn’t cool enough, it’s now Steele Walker – Texas Ranger. The contact is better than expected but the power is worse. Looks like he could be average in both. No speed.YouTube
86324Connor ScottMIA20A+L6′ 4”180The #13 overall pick in the 2018 draft has seen his prospect stock plummet. His supposed average contact and power are nowhere to be found. He’s also being thrown out more than he should with his plus speed.YouTube YouTube
87326Jack HermanPIT20A+R6′ 0”190After a promising start to his pro career the Pirates decided to skip a couple levels and send the 2018 30th round pick straight to A ball. The results weren’t great as he finished with a 29.3% strikeout rate. If he can curb his contact issues he should reach above-average power with his bat speed.YouTube YouTube
88327Matt WallnerMIN22AL6′ 5”2205th round pick. Good power. Lots of strikeouts. Made it to A ball in his first season. Will struggle to make contact at the upper levels.YouTube YouTube
89329Sammy SianiPIT19RKL6′ 0”1953rd round pick in 2019. Similar (but less exciting) tools as his brother Michael. Could get to average hit, above-average speed, and below-average power.YouTube YouTube
90332Richi GonzalezHOU17RKR6′ 2”182Has gotten some buzz recently but I can’t find much on him. Not a very heralded IFA when he was signed. Minimal video and scouting notes. Zero pro AB.YouTube
91333Jasiah DixonPIT18A-R6′ 0”180Late round pick performed well in limited at bats in the GCL last season. BABIP certainly helped. Good speed. No power.
92339Junior PerezSD18A-R6′ 1”165Strikes out a bit much but played really well in the AZL last year. Showed good speed and power.YouTube
93340Joshua MearsSD19RKR6′ 3”230Second round 2019 pick struggled to make contact in his pro debut. Good athlete with plus raw power.YouTube YouTube
94342Jhon TorresSTL19AR6′ 4”199Hit for power last year but he still has a long way to go on the contact. Got exposed at A ball.YouTube YouTube
95343Canaan SmithNYY20AL6′ 0”215Above average power. Below average contact and speed but it didn’t reflect in his 2019 stat line at A ball.YouTube YouTube
96344Johan RojasPHI19A-R6′ 1”165Plus speed. Thin frame. Projected by some outlets to get to above-average power. Racked up 23 XBH in 238 AB last year. Below-average hit tool.YouTube YouTube
97351D’Shawn KnowlesLAA18RKS6′ 0”165Really fast but bad at stealing bases, even at rookie ball. Average power. Strikes out too much.YouTube YouTube
98352Nick SchnellTB19RKL6′ 3”180Above-average power and speed. Strikeout issues at the lower levels are scary.YouTube YouTube
99376Mark PaytonCIN28MLBL5′ 8”190Rule five selection but will probably be sent back to the A’s. Came out of nowhere to quadruple his career high in HR last year with a helping hand from the juiced ball. Has always displayed solid contact ability.YouTube
100378Kyle LewisSEA24MLBR6′ 4”210Another older big power guy that struggles with contact issues.YouTube YouTube
101379Jake FraleySEA24MLBL6′ 0”195Came out of nowhere after being acquired by the Mariners last year. Went from repeating A+ all season in 2018 to the MLB in 2019. Capable of 15/15 with an OBP around .300 with enough AB.YouTube YouTube
102382Brent RookerMIN25AAAR6′ 3”215Big power. Bad everything else. Strikes out too much to be a fantasy contributor. Saw a report that said he was going to come up last year if not for injury. He might want to work on that 35% AAA strikeout rate first.YouTube YouTube
103384Luis BarreraOAK24AAAL6′ 0”205There’s really no such thing as a “lucky” BABIP when you have double-plus speed. Not good at base stealing though. Other offensive tools are below-average but he’s not a slap hitter. Fantastic defense may earn him AB.YouTube YouTube
104385Jarren DuranBOS23AAAL6′ 2”200Double-plus speed. No power. Below-average hit tool. Had early-season BABIP-driven success at A+.YouTube YouTube
105386Ryan McKennaBAL23AAAR5′ 11”185Plus speed but not great at swiping bags. Below-average everything else.YouTube YouTube
106392Mariel BautistaCIN22A+R6′ 3”194Good speed. Average contact and power. Entering his sixth year of pro ball. Skills did not translate into stats at full season A ball last year.YouTube YouTube
107393Jake McCarthyARI22A+L6′ 2”195Plus speed. Power and contact are below-average but not by much. An interesting mix of tools.YouTube
108397Victor BericotoSF18RKR6′ 1”155Walked nearly as much as he struck out in the DSL as a minor last year. Showed some power and speed as well but his stat line was boosted by an unsustainable BABIP.Twitter
109399Gilberto CelestinoMIN21A+R6′ 0”170Thin frame. Average hit tool. Plus speed but it hasn’t translated into SB. Minimal power.YouTube YouTube
110400Dominic FletcherARI22AL5′ 9”185Reports have him getting to average contact and above average power. I’ll take the under on both. He’s really small.YouTube
111402Trejyn FletcherSTL18RKR6′ 2”200Second round 2019 pick has serious contact issues. Above-average power and speed but he may never get to them.YouTube YouTube
112403Jerar EncarnacionMIA22A+R6′ 4”219Below average hit tool. Nice power. Probably not a major league regular.YouTube
113404Carlos RodriguezMIL19RKL5′ 10”150Doesn’t strike out but also doesn’t walk. Plus speed but awful at stealing bases. Small frame. No power.YouTube YouTube
114407Brewer HicklinKC23AAR6′ 2”208Good power and speed. Terrible contact skills. Old for the levels he’s seen.YouTube
115438Marcus SmithOAK19RKL5′ 11”1902019 third round pick has plus-plus speed. No power and the hit tool has a long way to go before it’s average.YouTube
116440Roberto CamposDET16RKR6′ 3”200Detroit shelled out $2.85 mil to sign him last October, the most the team has ever spent on an IFA. Wasn’t included in any major publication’s J2 prospect list. There are rumors of an average hit tool and plus raw power but he’s currently an enigma.
117445Alexander RamirezLAA17RKR6′ 2”180Big power but is terrible at making contact. Way too many strikeouts in the DSL but was 16 years old.YouTube YouTube
118447Tirso OrnelasSD20A+L6′ 3”200Showed signs of finally breaking out as the youngest player at A+. From 05/01 on he was awful, slashing .200/.283/.243 (good for a 53 wRC+). All the tools are still there and he was young for the level but he’s a mess.YouTube YouTube
119448Austin BeckOAK21A+R6′ 1”200Big power. Will probably never make enough contact to see it. Huge strikeout issues.YouTube YouTube
120449Alexander OvallesTEX19AL6′ 0”180Has shown some pop in the lower levels. Average speed. Average contact.YouTube
121451Julio Pablo MartinezTEX23AAL5′ 9”174Good speed. Strikes out way too much. More power than you would expect from a 5′ 9” guy.YouTube YouTube
122457DJ PetersLAD23AAAR6′ 6”225Big power. Way too many strikeouts and contact issues. Huge guy. Not fast. Not a MLB starter.YouTube YouTube
123458Justin WilliamsSTL24AAAL6′ 2”215Below-average contact. Average power. Has the ability to hit 20 HR but will post around a .300 OBP.YouTube YouTube
124464Mickey MoniakPHI21AAL6′ 2”185Below-average hit tool. Good speed. Not a lot of power but can provide a few HR. Not a bad baseball player. Gets unnecessary negative media due to being a former #1 overall pick.YouTube YouTube
125466Greg DeichmannOAK24AAL6′ 2”190Older prospect that possesses big raw power but strikes out too much to tap into it.YouTube YouTube
126467Seth BrownOAK27AAAL6′ 3”220Quad-A masher has two 30+ HR seasons in the minors over the last three years. Weird stance and swing. Looks like a cricket player. Hands never come very far above the belt. Below average hit tool. Buried on the depth chart.YouTube
127468Jorge OnaSD22AAR6′ 0”220Average power with a below-average hit tool. No speed. He’ll be 23 repeating AA next year.YouTube YouTube
128469Ryder GreenNYY19A-R6′ 0”200Big power but struggles to make contact. Not fast enough to steal bases at the upper levels.YouTube YouTube
129474Nelson VelazquezCHC20AR6′ 0”190Below-average hit tool. Average power and speed. Entering his fourth season. I don’t think the contact issues are going away.YouTube YouTube
130475Moises GomezTB21A+R5′ 11”200Highly questionable hit tool. Strikes out way too much to get to his above-average to plus power.YouTube YouTube
131478Victor Victor MesaMIA23AAR5′ 10”165Doesn’t strike out but also doesn’t walk. Good speed but not plus-plus as reported. Absolutely no power.YouTube YouTube
132479Estevan FlorialNYY22A+L6′ 1”185Terrible hit tool. Is fast but bad at stealing bases. Power still hasn’t shown up, probably because he can’t make contact.YouTube YouTube
133480Luis Alexander BasabeCHW23AAS6′ 0”160Good speed. Decent power. Absolutely horrible at making contact.YouTube YouTube
134481Bubba ThompsonTEX21A+R6′ 1”180Fantastic speed. Decent power. Won’t matter because he can’t hit the ball.YouTube YouTube
135482Corey RayMIL25AAAL6′ 0”195#5 pick in the 2015 draft. Good power. Great speed. Oddly bad at stealing bases. Terrible at making contact.YouTube YouTube
136483Myles StrawHOU25MLBR5′ 10”180Good contact. Plus-plus speed. Really small. No power. Draws plenty of walks which helps steal totals. More of a pinch runner/fourth outfielder type than fantasy asset. Could put up steals in bunches with regular playing time.YouTube YouTube
137485Griffin ConineTOR22A+L6′ 1”200Jeff’s son has big power and a questionable hit tool. Struck out way too much last year at A ball.YouTube YouTube
138486Bryant PackardDET22A+L6′ 3”2005th round 2019 pick. Supposedly average+ power in there somewhere. Looks like organizational depth with below-average or worse tools across the board.YouTube YouTube
139508Lazaro ArmenterosOAK20A+R6′ 0”182Has shown off above-average power and speed in the lower levels. Unfortunately he strikes out entirely too much and may never make enough contact to make it to the MLB.YouTube YouTube
140509Nick DeckerBOS20AL6′ 0”200Highly questionable hit tool. Struck out nearly 30% at A- in his first full year of pro ball. Above-average power if he can make enough contact.YouTube
141511Niko HulsizerCHC23A+R6′ 2”225Big raw power. More of a meme than an prospect. Gets Twitter buzz because he hits bombs and looks like a cartoon character. Too many contact issues to be targeted in fantasy leagues but his walk rates are encouraging.YouTube YouTube
142536Kerry CarpenterDET22AL6′ 2”220Late round draft pick. Showed contact skills, power, and speed at levels he was way too old for last year.
143537JJ MatijevicHOU24AAL6′ 0”206Contact issues will be too hard to overcome at the upper levels. Struck out over 30% of the time at AA last season. Was getting some sleeper buzz but I don’t see it.YouTube YouTube
144544Trey HarrisATL24AAR5′ 8”215Below-average everything except power, which is average. Glove won’t help him earn AB either.YouTube
145548Casey GoldenCOL25AAR6′ 2”185Has posted gaudy stat lines over the past couple seasons in the low minors. Good power. Strikes out a ridiculous amount. Won’t steal bases at upper levels.YouTube YouTube
146551Ryan NodaTOR23AAL6′ 3”217Good power. Steals bases in the lower levels but isn’t fast. Strikes out a lot but offsets it a bit with a high walk rate. Old for the levels he’s faced.YouTube YouTube
147555Seuly MatiasKC21A+R6′ 3”198Last season was a complete disaster. Big power but strikes out way too much.YouTube YouTube
148562Ka’ai TomCLE25AAAL5′ 9”190Quad-A little person. Surprising power for a midget.YouTube YouTube