My 2022 Prospect Rankings

1Bobby Witt Jr.KCSS21AAARR6′ 1”190Dominated AA and AAA last year. Immediate 20/20 threat that will be playing in the bigs sooner than later. He gets the edge over JRod because he spent the entire year in the upper minors and performed exactly like we hoped he would.YouTube YouTube
2Julio RodriguezSEAOF21AARR6′ 4”225Has posted gaudy numbers since rookie ball in 2018. BABiP has been through the roof at every level but that seems to be the trend. I’m not concerned about his fluky injuries the last couple years.YouTube YouTube
3Adley RutschmanBALC23AAASR6′ 2”216Plus hit tool and above-average power. Has never walked less than 12% or struck out more than 19% at any level. Should be up in early 2022. Gets a slight bump due to being a true premium bat at a scarce position.YouTube Twitter
4Spencer TorkelsonDET3B22AAARR6′ 1”220Plus hit tool and power. Posted solid OBP despite BABiP struggles. Like most of the top 5, he should be up in early 2022. Played more 1B than 3B last year so that experiment may be coming to an end. Has never struggled at any level of baseball.YouTube YouTube
5Riley GreeneDETOF21AAALL6′ 3”200The 27% K rate is concerning. Not just the one he had last season, but that’s also his career rate. The stolen base efficiency is encouraging but he’s never been considered fast and stealing bases in the major leagues is no easy task. His BABiP isn’t sustainable but what he did in the upper levels at 20 years old cannot be ignored.YouTube Twitter
6CJ AbramsSDSS21AALR6′ 2”185His 2021 ended in late June with a nasty broken leg. The surprising extra base power he showed in 2019 didn’t carry over to 2021 but the 80 grade speed is still there.YouTube YouTube
7Noelvi MarteSEASS20ARR6′ 1”181Above average power and speed. At least an average hit tool. Did a great job limiting strikeouts in low A but struggled in a brief promotion.YouTube YouTube
8Corbin CarrollARIOF21A+LL5′ 10”165A shoulder injury ended his 2021 after just 29 PA but he still shot up lists with his impressive performance. Obviously he won’t replicate his SSS slash line again but it’s always exciting when an contact/speed profile adds power.YouTube YouTube
9Anthony VolpeNYYSS21A+RR5′ 11”180Bulked up and showed more power than anyone ever imagined when the Yankees drafted him in the first round in 2019. Plus hit tool and power, plus the speed to swipe double-digit bases.YouTube YouTube
10Grayson RodriguezBALP22AALR6′ 5”220I’ve never seen a prospect with five (current) plus pitches but that’s what Fangraphs gave Rodriguez. Did a better job keeping the ball in the strike zone and in my opinion is the clear top pitching prospect in baseball.YouTube YouTube
11Robert Hassell IIISDOF20A+LL6′ 2”195I’m not concerned about the inflated strikeout rate at A+. He was more than three years younger than the average player and had less than 100 plate appearances. He still has potential average to above average tools across the board.YouTube YouTube
12Brennen DavisCHCOF22AAARR6′ 4”175The contact concerns that dropped him in the 2018 draft finally showed in 2021 as he posted a 31% strikeout rate at AA. He also didn’t run as much as expected, stealing 8 bags in 12 attempts over 350 AB.YouTube YouTube
13Zac VeenCOLOF20ALR6′ 4”190Struck out a bit much for low-A and benefited from a near .400 BABiP. The plus power and run times were there, despite the poor SB conversion percentage with weird rules.YouTube YouTube
14Shane BazTBP22MLBRR6′ 2”190Big fastball and breaking ball. Changeup took a big step forward last year. He also cut his walk rate in half and has emerged as a consensus top two SP prospect.YouTube YouTube
15Jordan WalkerSTL3B19A+RR6′ 5”220Plus-plus power with an improving hit tool. The A+ strikeout rate wasn’t very pretty but he was three+ years younger than his competition. Posted surprising SB totals last year but isn’t a threat to do it in the MLB.YouTube YouTube
16Alek ThomasARIOF20AAALL5′ 11”175Above-average tools across the board, including somewhat surprising power. He’s terrible at stealing bases and needs to become more efficient to become a complete fantasy player.YouTube YouTube
17Marco LucianoSFSS20A+RR6′ 2”178I’ve given the other 19 year old prospects in A+ a pass concerning their strikeout rates. Not Luciano. He looked thoroughly confused over his last 232 PA (A+/AZFL), striking out 35% of the time.YouTube YouTube
18Luis MatosSFOF20ARR5′ 11”160Could get to above-average hit, power, and speed tools. Stolen base totals and success rate weren’t as high as I was hoping but he had an otherwise solid season.YouTube YouTube
19Nolan GormanSTL2B21AAALR6′ 1”210His power has never been questioned but the approach took a big step forward once he got to AAA and continued in the AZFL. Slashed his strikeout rate by a third. Could be a redraft option at 2B at some point in 2022.YouTube YouTube
20Vidal BrujanTB2B24MLBSR5′ 9”155Plus hit tool. Double plus speed. Surprising power for his frame but still below average. He’s fallen down some lists but 40+ steal wheels aren’t easy to find.YouTube YouTube
21Oneil CruzPIT3B23MLBLR6′ 7”175Projection systems are forecasting an above-average 2022 season for the massive 23 year old. Currently slated to open the season in the starting lineup.Has managed to keep keep the strikeout rate in check without sacrificing too much power.YouTube YouTube
22Max MeyerMIAP23AAALR6′ 0”185Double plus slider. At least a plus fastball. Developing change. Lacking a starter’s build and track record of the pitchers above him. Was a reliever most of his college career. Only made 14 starts in three seasons. Everything up until this sentence was copied and pasted from last preseason.YouTube YouTube
23George KirbySEAP24AARR6′ 4”201Big fastball with amazing accuracy. All three secondaries took major steps forward this past season.Twitter Twitter
24Jack LeiterTEXP21DraftRR6′ 1”205Four above-average+ pitches with a double plus fastball. Was in the 1.01 discussion at peak hype. A bit shorter than a typical SP.YouTube YouTube
25Hunter GreeneCINP22AAARR6′ 4”17580 grade fastball per several outlets. Plus slider. Changeup and cutter are developing. Strike throwing ability is impressive for a guy with such impressive stuff.YouTube YouTube
26Daniel EspinoCLEP21A+RR6′ 2”205Effortless plus fastball. Two above-average breaking pitches and a decent changeup. Posted gaudy strikeout totals and manageable walk rates last year.YouTube YouTube
27Cade CavalliWASP23AAARR6′ 4”226Easy plus fastball and above-average changeup. Developing breaking pitch. Struggles to consistently hit his spots and walked way too many batters at upper levels.YouTube YouTube
28George ValeraCLEOF21AALL5′ 10”160Swing porn. Showed off his power and reached AA at age 20. I think this may be the last decent buying opportunity.YouTube YouTube
29Oswald PerazaNYYSS22AAARR6′ 0”176Above-average hit tool with plus speed. Made huge gains in power last year and should get to average. How can the Yankees keep getting away with it?YouTube YouTube
30Brayan RocchioCLE2B21AASR5′ 10”170Plus hit and speed. Small but could generate average power with a really nice swing. Not very efficient on the basepaths.YouTube YouTube
31Josh JungTEX3B24AAARR6′ 2”215Probably out for the season due to labrum surgery. He showcased above-average hit and power tools in the upper levels of the minor in 2021. I’m not moving him down my board very much. This is a dynasty fantasy list, not 2022 minor league rankings.YouTube YouTube
32Jordan LawlarARISS19CPXRR6′ 2”190Potential above-average hit and power tools. Plus speed. I’m not sure why he’s behind Mayer on most lists. His ceiling is much higher due to his speed advantage.YouTube YouTube
33Marcelo MayerBOSSS19CPXLR6′ 3”188Potential above-average hit and power tools. Speed grade varies but isn’t impressive. Struck out too much at the complex level but I’m not worried about 100 AB at 18 years old. He should be fine.YouTube YouTube
34Triston CasasBOS1B22AAALR6′ 4”238Above-average hit and power tools. No speed. Too big to move positions. Better hit tool but less power than most expected.YouTube YouTube
35Jose MirandaMIN1B23AAARR6′ 2”210Came out of nowhere to hit 30 HR last season. Above-average to plus hit tool. Would be an above-average MLB player right now per projections. He’s terrible at third.YouTube YouTube
36Tyler SoderstromOAK1B20ALR6′ 2”200He’s not a catcher and it’s pretty clear Oakland agrees given their recent moves. He still has above-average hit and power tools. I’m ranking him as a first baseman until I see that he’s agile enough for corner outfield.YouTube YouTube
37Nick GonzalesPIT2B22A+RR5′ 10”190I was wrong about this one. The hit tool isn’t nearly as good as I thought it would be but the power is significantly better. Looked much better in the fall league than A+.YouTube YouTube
38Josh LoweTBOF24MLBLR6′ 4”205Above-average power. Stole 27 bases without being caught at AAA/MLB last year. He’s always struck out too much but he’s managed to keep it in check while being promoted the last three seasons.YouTube YouTube
39Kahlil WatsonMIASS19CPXLR5′ 9”178It’s weird to see plus power grades everywhere for a 5′ 9” shortstop but I doubt they’re all wrong. Above-average wheels. Hit tool lags behind and he’s still a child. Interesting but expensive lottery ticket.YouTube YouTube
40Orelvis MartinezTOR3B20A+RR6′ 1”188Plus power with an average hit tool. Won’t steal any bases but should hit plenty of home runs in the MLB one day.YouTube YouTube
41Brady HouseWASSS18CPXRR6′ 4”215Huge kid with plus to double plus power. If he can even get to a below-average hit tool he’s going to be a fantasy asset.YouTube YouTube
42Nick LodoloCINP24AAALL6′ 6”202Devastating slider. Plus command. Should make big league starts this year and be a solid fantasy SP moving forward.Twitter YouTube
43Eury PerezMIAP19A+RR6′ 8”200Plus fastball/changeup combo. Average breaking ball. Commands his pitches incredibly well for a 6′ 8” kid.YouTube YouTube
44Aaron AshbyMILP23MLBRL6′ 2”181Above-average fastball and changeup. Plus slider. Struggles with command at times. Projection services have him performing at an above-average level as a reliever but he’s being treated as a starter in the spring.YouTube
45Reid DetmersLAAP22MLBLL6′ 2”210Rose to the majors last year after a solid collegiate career at Louisville. Plus curve that I wish was less loopy. Above-average fastball and changeup. Plus command.YouTube YouTube
46Kyle HarrisonSFP20ARL6′ 2”200Plus fastball. Above-average slider and changeup. Average command but walked too many batters last year.YouTube YouTube
47Francisco AlvarezNYMC20A+RR5′ 11”220I was late to the party but he looks like a talented bat at a depleted position. 55 extra base hits and 22 HR in 99 games in 2021.YouTube YouTube
48Henry DavisPITC22A+RR6′ 2”210Above-average to plus power. Average hit tool if not better. Solid player but may be overvalued by some that just see he was the first pick of the actual MLB draft.YouTube YouTube
49Gabriel MorenoTORC22AARR5′ 11”160He’s much thicker than his weight on Should get to above-average hit and average power tools.YouTube YouTube
50Keibert RuizWASC23MLBSR6′ 0”200A catcher with a true plus hit tool. If he can even get double-digit home runs he’s a top ten fantasy backstop.YouTube YouTube