2021 Fantasy FYPD Rankings


15Spencer TorklesonDET3B21RR6′ 1”220Huge power with a solid (above-average) hit tool. Probably not a third baseman but I don’t care.YouTube YouTube
222Austin MartinTOR3B21RR6′ 0”185He’ll be a solid fantasy asset regardless of which defensive position he ends up playing. Many think he has the best bat in the draft class. May have at least above-average tools across the board. Dominated stiff competition in the SEC.YouTube YouTube
323Zac VeenCOLOF18LR6′ 4”190Best prep bat on the board. Could develop plus hit and power tools but isn’t as proven as the two college bats ranked above him.YouTube YouTube
424Emerson HancockSEAP21RR6′ 4”213Four above-average+ pitches. Was in the 1.01 discussion at peak hype.YouTube YouTube
525Asa LacyKCP21LL6′ 4”215Another guy with four quality pitches. I trust Hancock’s strike throwing ability but Lacy is the top consensus arm in the draft.YouTube YouTube
644Max MeyerMIAP21LR6′ 0”185Double plus slider. At least a plus fastball. Developing change. Lacking a starter’s build and track record of the pitchers above him. Was a reliever most of his college career. Only made 14 starts in three seasons.YouTube YouTube
745Garrett MitchellMILOF22LR6′ 3”215Might have the highest upside of the draft class. Plus raw power and speed. His swing needs some work.YouTube YouTube
871Nick GonzalesPIT2B21RR5′ 10”190The inverse of Garrett Mitchell. Solid hit tool and pretty swing but lacks the size and raw tools to be a fantasy superstar.YouTube YouTube
972Ha-seong KimSD2B25RR5′ 9”167Much younger than average pro Asian import. Posted gaudy stats in the KBO but those don’t translate very well. Showed power, speed, and contact skills but his KBO competition was somewhere between AA-AAA level per BA.YouTube YouTube
1075Austin HendrickCINOF19LL6′ 0”195Massive power. Above-average speed. There are contact concerns but his bat speed and loud tools make him worth the gamble.YouTube YouTube
1182Mick AbelPHIP19RR6′ 5”190Three above-average+ pitches. Top prep pitcher in the class. All high school arms are risky but his upside is high.YouTube YouTube
1283Reid DetmersLAAP21LL6′ 2”210High floor college arm. Good stuff with solid control but doesn’t have the ace upside of the pitchers above.YouTube YouTube
1385Robert HassellSDOF19LL6′ 2”195Potential solid tools across the board. Experts debate his offensive ceiling (typical of prep prospects) but Hassell looks to be a good contact hitter that should be able to tap into some power and reach enough to steal some bases.YouTube YouTube
1490Austin WellsNYYC21LR6′ 2”220Above-average hit and power tools. May not stay at catcher due to questionable defensive skills but his bat should be a fantasy asset at any position.YouTube YouTube
1594Wilman DiazLADSS17RR6′ 2”182Projected to reach plus contact and above-average power grades. Top bat of the 2020 J2 class.YouTube YouTube
1695Cristian HernandezCHCSS17RR6′ 2”175Could get to above-average everything but projecting a 17 year old kid’s development is a bit of a fool’s errand.YouTube YouTube
1797Jared KelleyCWSP19RR6′ 3”215Plus fastball and change. Developing breaking pitch. Good command. White Sox got a steal in the second round.YouTube YouTube
1898Nick BitskoTBP18RR6′ 4”225Plus fastball and curve. Still developing an offspeed pitch but he’s young and his control is solid.YouTube YouTube
1999Bryce JarvisARIP23LR6′ 2”195Entire arsenal improved during a bite sized 2020 campaign. Fastball is up to the mid-90s. Secondaries and control/command are solid. Would be much higher with a longer track record of success.YouTube YouTube
20100JT GinnNYMP21RR6′ 2”200Three above-average+ pitches. Fell to the second round thanks to 2020 Tommy John. The health concerns are obvious but there’s huge upside here.YouTube YouTube
21101Carlos ColmenarezTBSS17LR5′ 10”170Potential above-average hit and power tools. Speed is average. Not quite as tooled up as the two J2 SS above him.YouTube YouTube
22118Clayton BeeterLADP22RR6′ 2”220Three potential plus pitches and a checkered injury history. High upside pitcher with serious health and strike throwing concerns.YouTube YouTube
23131Daniel CabreraDETOF22LL6′ 1”196Average tools across the board. Has a chance to get to above-average hit and power tools.YouTube YouTube
24132Isaiah GreeneNYMOF19LL6′ 1”180Plus speed. Above-average contact. Was viewed by some as a contact/speed profile but could get to average power.YouTube YouTube
25133Aaron SabatoMIN1B21RR6′ 2”230Plus power. Average hit tool. No defensive value but should be a fantasy contributor if he can stay in the lineup.YouTube YouTube
26142Pete Crow-ArmstrongNYMOF18LL6′ 1”180Above-average hit and speed. Higher on lists that value defense. Power is below-average.YouTube YouTube
27145Ed HowardCHCSS18RR6′ 2”185Average offensive tools across the board. Athletic but his best current tools are defensive.YouTube YouTube
28146Hudson HaskinBALOF21RR6′ 2”200Plus runner. Average contact and power. Aggressive approach. Rarely walks or strikes out.YouTube YouTube
29153Tyler SoderstromOAKC19LR6′ 2”200Good hit tool. Average power. Good speed for a catcher and may change positions.YouTube YouTube
30155Pedro PinedaOAKOF17RR6′ 1”170Could reach plus power with his bat speed. Above-average runner. Has some early contact issues.YouTube YouTube
31156Zach DeLoachSEAOF21LR6′ 1”205Had a terrible 2019 NCAA season followed by a standout summer league. Average offensive tools but has displayed above-average sprint speeds.YouTube YouTube
32157Pedro LeonHOUOF22RR5′ 10”170Above-average power and speed. Average hit tool. My favorite Cuban J2 prospect.YouTube YouTube
33172Yoelqui CespedesCWSOF23RR5′ 9”205Average hit and power tools but supposedly bulked up in his time off. Hopefully it didn’t affect his plus speed.YouTube YouTube
34173Heston KjerstadBALOF21LR6′ 3”220Big power. Underwhelming everything else. Way too much pre-contact action in his swing.YouTube YouTube
35176Patrick BaileySFC21SR6′ 2”207Could get to an average hit tool. Above-average power but I’m not convinced he’ll hit enough to light up the box score. Excellent defensive tools and will stick at the position.YouTube YouTube
36202Jared JonesPITP19LR6′ 1”180Plus fastball. Above-average breaking pitch. Developing change. Fringy but improving control and command.YouTube YouTube
37203Cole HenryWASP21RR6′ 4”211Plus fastball. Potentially plus curve. Change is usable. Should be able to stay in the rotation.YouTube YouTube
38204Alex SantosHOUP18RR6′ 3”185Above-average fastball and curve. Developing changeup. Could be a potential mid-rotation starter but nothing is overpowering at the moment.YouTube YouTube
39205Dax FultonMIAP19LL6′ 6”225Missed his senior season due to Tommy John or he may have been a much more hyped draft selection. Plus curveball and above-average fastball. Average change.YouTube YouTube
40210Cade CavalliWASP22RR6′ 4”226Above-average+ fastball and two breaking pitches. Developing offspeed and questionable command.YouTube YouTube
41211Cole WilcoxSDP21RR6′ 5”232Three above-average+ pitches. Can struggle with command. Low arm slot.YouTube YouTube
42214Carmen MlodzinskiPITP21RR6′ 2”232Three above-average+ pitches. Has looked fantastic over short stints but struggles with health and command/control.YouTube YouTube
43227Justin FoscueTEX2B21RR6′ 0”20314th pick of 2020 draft. Broke out during a huge sophomore season and was raking again before Covid cut his junior season short. Average hit and power tools. No speed.YouTube YouTube
44228Jhonny PironTBOF16RR6′ 1”165Could get to above-average power and speed. Should have at least an average hit tool but it’s hard to project someone this young.YouTube YouTube
45229Carson TuckerCLESS18RR6′ 2”180Plus runner with an above-average hit tool. Small framed and lacks power like his brother Cole.YouTube YouTube
46230Petey HalpinCLEOF18LR6′ 0”180Plus speed. Above-average contact. Quick swing with minimal moving parts but doesn’t generate much power.YouTube YouTube
47236Kyle HarrisonSFP19RL6′ 2”200Received a first round bonus despite being drafted in the fifth. Can throw three average+ pitches for strikes but has no current standout offerings.YouTube YouTube
48237Garrett CrochetCWSP21LL6′ 6”218Plus fastball and slider. Developing change. Sometimes struggles to throw strikes. Low arm slot and violent mechanics don’t help. Would be much higher if I thought he was going to stick as a starter.YouTube YouTube
49239Chris McMahonCOLP21RR6′ 2”217Three above-average pitches but he landed in a terrible destination for pitchers.YouTube YouTube
50241Tanner BurnsCLEP21RR6′ 0”215Above-average fastball and slider. Average change. Short stocky frame. High floor, low upside pitcher.YouTube YouTube
51242Logan AllenCLEP21RL6′ 0”180Plus change with an average fastball and curve. Good athlete but small. Decent floor but there isn’t very much upside here.YouTube YouTube
52243Justin LangeSDP18RR6′ 4”220Huge frame. Double plus fastball. Above-average slider. Lacking a third pitch and control/command but is still quite young.YouTube YouTube
53244Slade CecconiARIP21RR6′ 4”219Plus fastball. Above-average breaking pitch. Below-average control/command and lack of a third pitch may push him to a relief role.YouTube YouTube
54245Bobby MillerLADP21LR6′ 5”220Plus fastball. Above-average slider. Below-average control/command and lack of a viable third pitch may limit him to a bullpen role.YouTube YouTube
55246Kyle NicolasMIAP21RR6′ 4”225Double plus fastball. Usable breaking pitch. Will need to work on a third pitch and his strike throwing if he wants to stay in the rotation.YouTube YouTube
56247Jeff CriswellOAKP21RR6′ 4”225Three above-average pitches but questionable control. Bounced back and forth between the rotation and bullpen in college.YouTube YouTube
57257Maikol HernandezBALSS17RR6′ 3”175Could get to average tools across the board. Big frame for a SS.YouTube
58258Cristian SantanaDETSS17RR6′ 0”165Above-average contact and power. Underwhelming speed. Not a great defender and may not stay at SS long.YouTube YouTube
59259Shalin PolancoPITOF17LL5′ 11”168Has a chance to get to above-average tools across the board but is still a child.
60260Dillon DinglerDETC21RR6′ 3”210Average hit and power tools. Ranked higher on lists that value catching skills/defense.YouTube YouTube
61265David CalabreseLAAOF17LR5′ 11”160Double plus speed. Average hit tool. No power. Tiny frame that will fill out as he matures.YouTube YouTube
62266Jake VogelLADOF18RR5′ 11”165Double plus speed. Tiny frame that will fill out as he matures but shouldn’t cost him very much speed. Average contact with minimal power.YouTube YouTube
63272Casey MartinPHISS21RR5′ 11”175Double plus speed with above-average power. May not ever make enough contact to maximize his tools.YouTube YouTube
64273Owen CaissieSDOF18LR6′ 4”190Above-average power and speed. Underwhelming hit tool.YouTube YouTube
65274Jordan NwoguCHCOF21RR6′ 3”235Above-average speed and power. Below-average hit tool.YouTube YouTube
66293Ambioris TavarezATLSS18RR6′ 2”175Average contact and above-average power Not a lot of speed.YouTube
67294Miguel BleisBOSOF16RR6′ 3”170Huge frame and could get to plus power. Swing looks smooth but it’s reckless to laud the hit tool of a guy that we’ve never seen face live pitching.YouTube YouTube
68295Yiddi CappeMIASS18RR6′ 3”175Could get to above-average tools across the board per MLB.com but I’m not a huge fan of the swing. May outgrow SS.YouTube YouTube
69299Alerick SoularieMIN2B21RR6′ 0”175Above-average hit tool. May get to average power if he can tweak his swing. Not a SB threat.YouTube YouTube
70327CJ Van EykTORP21RR6′ 1”198Above-average fastball and curve. Decent change. Struggles with control/command.YouTube YouTube
71335Nick SwineySFP21RL6′ 3”187Converted reliever with three average pitches. Pitched well when given a shot in the rotation during a covid shortened 2020 campaign.YouTube YouTube
72337Masyn WinnSTLP18RR5′ 11”180Drafted as a two-way player. Small frame but has three above-average+ pitches and decent control. Average offensive skills at best but he’s obviously athletic. Would be more appealing as a pitcher.YouTube YouTube
73347Blaze JordanBOS3B17RR6′ 2”220Plus power despite being one of the youngest players drafted in 2020. Below-average everything else.YouTube YouTube
74348Jordan WalkerSTL3B18RR6′ 5”220Plus power with below-average everything else. One of several players with very similar profiles.YouTube YouTube
75349Gage WorkmanDET3B20SR6′ 4”195Above-average power with below-average contact skills. Average speed that should decline as he fills out.YouTube YouTube
76350Coby MayoBAL3B19RR6′ 5”215Huge 3B that could get to plus power. Contact concerns dropped him to the third round.YouTube YouTube
77363Armando CruzWASSS17RR5′ 10”160Above-average contact and speed. Small frame and probably won’t develop much power. Best defensive player in the J2 class but that doesn’t help your fantasy team very much.YouTube YouTube
78383Christian RoaCINSP21RR6′ 4”220Above-average fastball and change. Throws two breaking pitches but both need refinement. Struggles to find the strike zone at times.YouTube YouTube
79402Hayden CantrelleMIL2B22SR5′ 11”175Fifth round 2020 draft pick that has been generating some buzz without taking a professional swing. Below-average power, average contact, and above-average speedYouTube YouTube
80403Werner BlakelyLAASS18LR6′ 3”185Extremely raw fourth round pick. Large frame. Fast but may slow down as he fills out. Power and contact are currently underwhelming.YouTube
81415Danny De AndradeMINSS16RR6′ 0”160Much more physically mature than your average 16 year old kid. Could get to above-average hit and power but predicting his development this early is a bit of a crapshoot.
82NRNick YorkeBOSSS18RR6′ 0”200Potential above-average hit tool with below average power and speed. The Red Sox must see something that everyone else is missing to select him 17th overall.YouTube YouTube
83NRJared ShusterATLSP22LL6′ 3”210Above-average fastball and change. Needs to develop a breaking pitch. Struggled with walks in college.YouTube YouTube

84: Freddy Zamora

85: Nick Loftin

86: Kohei Arihara

87: Colt Keith

88: Jesse Franklin

89: Landon Knack

90: Trevor Hauver

91: Tyler Keenan

92: Ian Seymour

93: AJ Vukovich

94: Tyler Gentry

95: Zach Daniels

96: Ben Hernandez

97: Anthony Serviedo

98: Jimmy Glowenke

99: Mac Wainwright

100: Alika WIlliams